Renew Your Membership

The annual membership renewal period for each year is November 1 – January 31. The Board of Trustees will determine the membership status of each submission. To ensure that your membership status is active 30 calendar days prior to the annual membership meeting, you will need to submit your request for renewal by January 31 of each year. Submissions after January 31 cannot be guaranteed to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees in time to qualify you for voting privileges at the annual meeting.

Per FCU Bylaws dated May 6, 2012, Article III, Membership, Section 3.01 Qualifications, Active membership requires “S/he shall further the work of this Ministry through active interest, love and support, including but not limited to regular attendance at worship services and programs, financial support of the ministry and ongoing volunteer service.”

Please note: From the Bylaws Section 3.03 Membership Status:

To retain voting rights, each Member shall indicate his or her desire to remain an Active Member by renewing their annual membership. Annual renewal must be completed no later than 30 calendar days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. This will enable the member to retain voting rights at the Annual Membership Meeting and to maintain Active Membership status until the next annual renewal period. If no current membership is on record, that member shall be declared an Associate Member.

Download a copy of the church bylaws.

Annual Membership Renewal Application

Note: Submitting this form constitutes an electronic signature granting Unity of Nashville permission for the Board of Trustees to review your membership.
  • I understand that one of the requirements of Membership is that I will continue to volunteer, once a month, in the following Volunteer Ministries:
  • If you selected "other," please explain.

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