Meet Your Board Candidates

These are your Board Candidates up for election in 2018. Cast your vote on May 20th during our Annual Business Meeting at 11:15am in the Sanctuary.

Pamela Dunn

In the fall of 2012, I began attending The Course in Miracles with Gene Skaggs on the Unity campus.  I was brought up with a Catholic father and an agnostic mother.  Since I was the youngest, and the other three children had all been baptized in the Catholic church—she decided (in her words) that she would have one child on her side.

My spiritual journey was a lonely one as a child. I desperately wanted to belong to a spiritual community but was not welcome in the Catholic church with my father and siblings, and my mother did not follow any organized religion.   As soon as I was able to venture out on my own, I walked to our little village and attended protestant churches there.  As an adult, I married a Catholic and began attending Mass. Though never truly comfortable there, I continued attending and brought my children up in the faith.

Eventually, I knew I wanted more than to check a box off on Sunday.  Once I entered the grounds of Unity, I knew I had found what I had been seeking. I started attending services in the fall of 2012 and became a member in early 2013.  Here I have found my church home.

Recently retired from thirty years in higher education, I now have the time needed to devote to helping this spiritual community in any way needed.

I regularly take classes with Reverent John (as I also did with Reverend Cherie).
I attended classes with Ms. Wanda until my Chaplain duties prevented regular attendance and am a regular attendee of Wednesday Wisdom, Women of Unity, and many other Unity sponsored workshops over the last five years.

Unity’s message of positive spirituality where everyone is loved and accepted fits with my world view. I look forward to serving on your board of directors.

Wyatt Wallace

After moving back to the Midwest from Los Angeles in 2013, I began my search for a new spiritual home.  Attending 5 churches in the Nashville area and finding some to be of benefit but none that really spoke to my soul, I gave it one last chance when my Mom (Dr. Beverly Love) moved to town in 2014 and recommended attending a Course in Miracles class at Unity of Nashville.  The class, taught by Gene Skaggs, was incredibly insightful and changed my entire way of looking at the world around me.  The theme of making the “experience of this world” as my own really challenging my beliefs.  After a few Sundays, we ventured downhill from the cottage and haven’t left since.

Becoming a member of Unity of Nashville was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’m so grateful for the spiritual and love filled home that has accepted us.  I have enjoyed serving as Secretary on the Board of Trustees for 11 months now and continue to be humbled by the responsibilities it entails as well as the great opportunity for helping all those that call Unity of Nashville home.

On Thursdays you’ll likely find me at Solopreneur group, working with others who are improving their lives and those around them one dream at a time.  Mom and I also volunteer with the Community Care Ministry project, which helps those Nashvillians without shelter by providing toiletries and clothing.

I have always considered service to others an important part of my life experience.  In addition to serving as an Acolyte in the Episcopal Church for 3 years, I served as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, an Air Force Auxiliary, from 1997-2000 and as a Volunteer Firefighter for the Carbondale Township Fire Department from 2003-2010.

Currently a Realtor® with Keller Williams Realty and a residential property investor, I live in Midtown and enjoy the Nashville arts culture as well as the overall creative energies this city affords.

I look forward to continuing to be of service on your board of directors.



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