Who We Are

celebrateOur Mission

Our mission is to nurture and grow a loving, inclusive spiritual community that inspires lives based on the five Unity principles.

Our Vision

Unity of Nashville is a thriving and inspired community of modern spirituality.

Our Core Values

Spirit Led: We turn within to the Christ Spirit for guidance and active communication.

Love: We express unconditional love, an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everyone.

Inclusivity: We embrace all as expressions of God.

Joy: We live from a positive view of the world and celebrate life.

Abundance: We know that God is our Source and celebrate the unlimited possibilities present in every moment.

Founded in 1916 as a study group, Unity of Nashville has become a healthy, vibrant, growing expression of Spirit, providing:

  • Sunday services at 10 a.m.
  • A wide range of classes through our online calendar
  • Workshops by world-class author/speakers
  • Ongoing special-interest group meetings
  • Outstanding music and youth programs
  • Many opportunities for spiritual, professional and personal growth through service


We are affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Institute, Silent Unity, and Daily Word.

Office Hours
Monday through Thursday: 9:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Bookstore Hours
Sundays: 9-11:45 a.m.; Monday through Saturday: Closed

Worship Service
10 a.m. Sunday

Our History

First Church Unity in 1938

First Church Unity in 1938

Unity began as a study group in Nashville in 1916, led by Elizabeth Pierce Sand. The Study Group (which became known as Unity Truth Center) met in various downtown locations including the old Maxwell House and Tulane Hotels.

Various guest speakers were regularly invited to come during the early years. Unity Co-Founder Charles Fillmore was a guest speaker in April 1935 and again in February 1938.

Early members

Early members

The group was formally organized as a Unity ministry in 1932 and in 1933 selected Elizabeth Sand Turner, daughter of the founder, as their minister. Rev. Turner served as a minister for the next twelve years.

In 1938, the first building purchased ($5,500) was at 1816 Broad Street. They incorporated and the name became Unity Center of Christianity.

In 1965, the Broad Street location was sold and the church acquired property at 1612 Woodmont Boulevard.

The name was changed to First Church Unity in 1960.

This property consisted of a house that was remodeled to accommodate the services. Several years later, a sanctuary was added and the house served as classrooms, bookstore, and Fellowship Hall.

The Rev. Ester Lewis and Frieda Olsen were the primary driving forces behind the continued growth and development of the church through the time frame from 1965 to 1987.

Woodmont Facility, 1986

Woodmont Facility, 1986

In 1986, the 1612 Woodmont location was sold and the current 5125 Franklin Road location purchased. The congregation had grown to 300+, meeting on Sundays at Hillsboro High School while utilizing the house on the Franklin Road property for office space and small group meetings.

The Barn at the back of the Franklin Road property was originally a barn. It had a dirt floor and three stables. With a generous amount of donated services by the congregation, such as plumbing, carpentry, and electrical – along with much time, effort, energy and funds – the Barn Project was completed and dedicated in June 1988.


The Barn

In 1988, The Rev. Jimmie Scott was appointed senior minister and given the task of “building the building.” (Our first home to be built from the ground up!) The congregation, still numbering in the 300s – confident in its faith and ability – moved ahead with determination and perseverance and through the selling of faith bonds, one million dollars was raised for construction of the new building.

On September 30, 1990, the new church building was dedicated by Rev. Scott to over 400 cheering congregants in attendance.

Unity of Nashville was under the leadership of Rev. Cherie Larkin from the year 2000 – 2014. During her time with the church we experienced growth and a full commitment to embracing inclusiveness and emphasizing the divine presence of power within each person. Unity of Nashville also enhanced its online presence, sharing audio and video sermons to a broader mass. In 2006, we celebrated 90 years of spiritual service to the community.

The church now has Rev. John M McLean as its Senior Minister, As we enter our Centennial year, Unity of Nashville rededicates itself to its mission – to teach the Truth that sets us free.


More About Unity

peace chapel

Entrance to the Peace Chapel at Unity Village, home of the Unity Movement

For more than a century, Unity has served the world with prayer, publications, and community gatherings. Today, many resources are available online to support you in your spiritual journey. We invite you to explore the following resources and use what best serves you in your own, unique path to wholeness and joy.

A positive, inspiring daily devotional, published bimonthly in print, available 24/7 online at www.dailyword.com.

A wide variety of programs hosted by Unity ministers and leaders around the world. Visit unity.fm any time for enlightening and entertaining online radio.

Unity’s spiritpath retreats unfold on the beautiful and sacred grounds at Unity Village, Missouri.

Learn more about the worldwide movement that is changing lives and communities. Visit www.unity.org.

To read frequently asked questions about the Unity Movement, click here.

The Silent Unity prayer ministry was the founding work of Unity. It originated in the heart of co-founder Myrtle Fillmore, who, through her own spiritual awakening, was healed and began to share her ideas and consciousness with others. Visit Silent Unity to learn more and/or to place a prayer request online.

The directory maintained by Unity Worldwide Ministries can help you locate another Unity church or alternative ministry.

The Unity wings symbol appears in many Unity publications and is prominently displayed in many Unity churches all over the world. Its origins are so ancient they are lost in the mist of pre-history.


Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore adopted this artistic creation as a Spiritual symbol as early as 1891 in the first issue of Unity Magazine. In the April 1923 issue Charles gave this explanation of the Unity wings:

“The winged globe or sun disc… represents the relation existing between Spirit, soul and body. Soul (the wings) gives wings to the body (the disc). Spirit is the (invisible) enveloping Principle, like the atmosphere in which both soul and body exist, and from which they draw their original inspiration.”

Mr. Fillmore taught as we build and spread our wings of spiritual awareness, both our soul and body will be lifted up on the invisible wind of Spirit to the fourth dimension which Jesus called the kingdom of heaven. It is the freedom to which we all aspire and sing about in the Unity song, “I AM free, I AM unlimited; there are no chains that bind me!”

~ First Unity Church Newsletter, February and March, 2001; Page 9.

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